The Commercial Double Hung Window features a substantial 101mm framing system to provide the strength and performance required in high-end architectural applications. The inherent strength of this system allows for large semi-commercial configurations whilst still delivering a residential aesthetic, not possible with commercial systems.
The Commercial Double Hung Window features bold mitred sash profiles. Sashes feature high quality balances and a simple sash release system for easy cleaning. Full width integrated finger pulls and high quality latch hardware further enhance functionality. Capable of accommodating high performance double glazing and able to achieve single sashes of up to 1150mm in height, the Commercial Double Hung Window allows a high degree of design flexibility.


  • Premium quality 101mm architectural framing system
  • Large capacity single and double glazing options
  • High quality balances with sash release function
  • Custom designed hardware options
  • Exclusively designed components to improve the systems performance and function
  • Provisions for high, low and side lights
  • Integrated insect and security screening options.


Finishes Available:

  • Powder coated range
  • Anodised Aluminium